FISAE is the acronym in French for the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Amateurs d’Ex-Libris or International Federation of Societies of Ex-Libris Collectors. 1953 saw our first congress in Kufstein, Austria. Congresses have since taken place every two years (as listed here). Venues are decided four years ahead upon proposals by member societies.

 Dear Friends,

This site has been awaiting development. At present, all we can offer you is the Old FISAE Site which is about four years out of date. The structure for a new site was partly developed but, as you will see, without entering content. The intention is that this website of the International Federation of Ex-Libris Societies will become a window, or entry point, to all the websites of member societies, and will offer information on forthcoming events, competitions, news and very much more. It will reflect what you make of it.

A meeting of FISAE delegates at Prague on 1 September 2018 resolved that management of this website would be passed to the Executive Secretary of FISAE. This has now been done, but it will take some months to get these webpages up and running. We would be glad of help, please, from amongst FISAE membership, in developing these webpages, and better still would be the offer of assistance from someone willing to act as editor of this website. We need contributions from all member societies of FISAE. It is intended that they will send details to the Executive Secretary in December each year of their officers and contact details, events of the past year and photographs, publications etc, together with their programme of events and intended publications in the coming year.

For the whole of its existence, FISAE has not held any funds. Its activities and website costs have been paid most kindly out of the pockets of the individuals who ran the Federation. This has now changed. A collection at the Prague Congress in 2018 raised just over three hundred pounds sterling, which will pay immediate costs for the web domain and hosting, but is not sufficient for designer development fees. It is proposed that the participation fee at the 2020 Congress will include a contribution to FISAE website costs (perhaps 5 or 10 euros).

Registration is now open for the 2020 FISAE Ex-Libris Congress, being held at Churchill College, Cambridge, UK, from 12 to 16 August 2020. Go to The Bookplate Society to find details of the 2020 event and the online registration form. There will be a limit on numbers, and intending participants must now register as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

It was decided at Prague that the 2022 Congress will be held at San Francisco, California, led by James Keenan of the American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers.

Olli Ylonen, Executive Secretary of FISAE

Anthony Pincott, President of FISAE

19 September 2018