Klaus Rödel’s bookplate by Regina Franke


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It is very difficult to say which of one’s bookplates is the most beautiful or the most interesting. When you continuously meet new artists or touch upon new motifs and themes, also your taste and choices evolve.


Involved with bookplates for over forty years, I have accumulated countless impressions and they are constantly reflected in my personal bookplates. So I have chosen to present here an engraved ex-libris by Regina Francke, a German artist from Zwickau. I have several ex-libris which she made for me on the subject of poets or of artists (Kathe Kollwitz, Ernst Barlach, J. W. von Goethe). The one shown here is on the subject of Dostoievski.


As you can see, Regina Franke often uses text in her image, and in so doing, adds an additional artistic dimension to her work.



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Note by the editor: Klaus Rödel has had a distinguished career in hotel management in Denmark, and since the late '60s has been an ardent ex-libris enthusiast. He has been the creator and animator of the Frederikshavn Museum and Board member of the Dansk Exlibris Selskab. The Museum now has a collection of over a million ex-libris, probably the biggest in the world. He is the editor of the Nordisk Exlibris Tidsskrift, one of the longest running publications on bookplates in the world. He also holds a record: he was the organiser of THREE FISAE congresses - in 1972, 1988 and 2002...