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We have just received confirmation that the Swiss Civil protection has a large facility 20 minutes on foot (or 7 minutes by bus) from the centre of Nyon, with beds for 300 persons. There are showers and toilets (separate for men and women), and the space is subdivided into five 40-person dormitories and five smaller ones for about 20 persons each. They will be separate for men and women (and we can further separate the men into snorers and non-snorers!). It is very basic accommodation, but clean. There is a 'cafeteria' section where people can sit (and even exchange ex-libris!). Smoking is forbidden... but in August, there will be no problem for smokers to put a table and chairs outside...

There are lockers available with keys. You deposit 20 Euros when you get the key, and when you give it back, you get the 20 Euros back... I would, however, recommend to have a suitcase or bag which locks. Better safe than sorry!

There is a parking close to the facility, and just opposite (100 m) there is a Migros store with a cafeteria which can serve breakfast and cheap meals...

And the price is

5 CHF (3 EUR)

  per person per night!

To this basic charge, we must add 10 Euros per person for cleaning after departure.

It is strongly recommended to take a sleeping bag with you, otherwise you will have to rent blankets at 2 Euros per blanket per night...

Please click here to see some photographs of the facility!

It will be obligatory to give the authorities the exact final number of persons who will be using this facility on June 1st 2006, so please make sure that when you send your registration form, you write on it ‘Protection civile’… We will then put a special sign on your congress badge, without which you will not be able to access the facility.

When you make your payment, calculate how much you have to pay: for example:
5 nights = 15 Euros
Two blankets, five nights = 20 Euros
Cleaning fee = 10 Euros
Total 45 Euros, OK?

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