Ĝ      Nyon Municipal Library (August-September 2006)


Gregor Rabinovitch, from Russia to Switzerland



Gregor Rabinovitch (born in St.-Petersburg in 1884, died in Zürich in 1958) was an outstanding draughtsman, designer, engraver, illustrator and caricaturist..


As a younster, Rabinovitch left Russia to be trained as a painter in Munich. He lived in Paris from 1912 to 1914 and then settled definitely in Switzerland, living first in Geneva and moving to Zurich in 1915.Two years later, he married the painter Stefanie von Bach. he contributed a great deal to the magazine ˝Nebelspalter˝ and other periodicals, in parallel with his main activity as an engraver.


In the framework of his printmaking activity, Gregor Rabinovitch  created 78 ex-libris. The exhibition will show the complete works of the artist in this field, in which he excelled. The catalogue-book will be the first monography on this aspect of Rabinovitch's work, and will be given to Congress participants as a contribution of the Swiss Ex-libris Club. It will enable the artist to be more widely known internationally.


The exhibition and the book are being prepared by Stefan Hausherr, librarian at Winterthur.


Some of his works can be seen in the 'illustrations' section of this site.