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III.European Ex-libris Congress, Antwerp, Belgium,
7–10 July, 1955

The well-known artist Mark Severin was president of the third congress, which brought together 82 participants from 10 countries. Gianni Mantero presented his 550 personal bookplates (in the end he had over one thousand!), Gilray Veth, Mark Severin, Carlo Chiesa and Hans Hanrath lectured on bookplates in the Netherlands, England, Switzerland and from the era of Napoleon. For the first time an excursion was organised to visit an exhibition of Belgian bookplates in the Musée du Livre, in Brussels. And last but not least, the congress in Antwerp was the last one where all participants found a place on a single photograph!

Antwerp, 1955
Marangoni, Mantero,
Hans Heeren, Carlo Chiesa, M. Bunnik

Gianni Mantero and
Eugen Strens at a
European congress,
Antwerp, 1955

Mark Severin, 1955
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