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V. European Ex-libris Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands,
26–28 July, 1957

Pam Rueter and Jan Rhebergen organised the fifth congress. This was the first time a congress really took wing: 160 participants came from 15 countries. Again a great variety of lectures were delivered (Gianni Mantero on “Tranquillo Marangoni”; Toni Hofer on “The Austrian Bookplate”; Mark Severin on “Bookplates in England”; Pam Rueter on “Symbols in Bookplates”). A film by Robert Erskine called ‘Artist's proof' on engraving techniques was projected. Again, but this time in earnest, the formation of an international bookplate societies' federation was a matter of debate. Much time was devoted to bookplate exchanges. The participation of two artists from a country behind the ‘Iron Curtain' was a première. As at earlier congresses, participants received several beautiful commemorative portfolios with original graphics – a welcome custom unfortunately much diminished today due to the high costs of printing.

Tranquillo Marangoni
and Wim Zwiers, 1955
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