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VI. European Ex-libris Congress, Barcelona,
July 3–6, 1958

160 participants from 12 countries took part in the sixth congress. Lectures by Joaquin Renart ("Modern Artists and their Time"), Gianni Mantero ("Rules for Exchange"), Italo Zetti ("Bruno Bramanti") and D. Jaume Plá ("Technical symbols for use in ex-libris") aroused a lot of interest. It was the first time that a society, rather than individuals, was entrusted with the organisation of a congress. It was also the first time that a competition for ex-libris was held in the framework of such an event, and awards were given to J. Lukavsky (relief print) and to G. Stauf (intaglio print). Important decisions were taken: Gianni Mantero and André Herry presented a list of technical symbols for techniques used in printed ex-libris which was adopted; a discussion as to rules for exchanges was held, with suggestions by Gianni Mantero and alternate ones by Dr. Hans Laut; in view of the increasing size of the congresses and the burden for the organisers, it was decided that they would take place every second year. Venues were decided at once: Vienna for 1960, Paris for 1962 and Kracow for 1964.

Jaime Plá Dalmau made fun
of Congress participants in this plate…
Already six years before
the 1958 Congress in Barcelona!
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