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Frederikshavn, Denmark,

XXII. International Ex-libris Congress, Frederikshavn, Denmark,
24–28 August, 1988

The meeting was held in this small town in the north of Denmark because the Art Museum of Frederikshavn developed into a bookplate center thanks to the efforts of Klaus Rödel. Helmer Kofod reported on "The Unicorn in Arts", integrating elements from Eric Skovenborg. The delegates decided to create a secretariat of FISAE on a six-year term, and elected William Butler to this post. They also admitted several new members: the All-Union Society of Bibliophiles of the Soviet Union, the Italian Association of Ex-librists (AIE), The Cercle Pierre Roberti of Luxemburg, as well as the China and Israel societies.

Martin Baeyens (L), behind, Willy Braspennincx; opposite, m behind, André Vercammen, in front ?. Standing behind, Evaristo Navarra

(L to R) H. C. Hornhaver, Frank-Ivo van Damme, Anatoli Kalashnikov

outside: (L to R) Leslie Benenson, Yoichi Kenmoku, Antoon Vermeylen

Lunch break in town: (L to R) Joke van der Brand, Mario de Filippis, Leopold Feichtinger

On the beach: Johnny Køhler (L) and Helmer Føgedgaard (R)
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