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Czech Republic, 1996

XXVI. International Ex-libris Congress, Chrudim, Czech Republic,
28 August 1 September, 1996

The record number of participants so far came to the czech meeting: 521 people from 31 countries met there. Many collectors and artists from the Czech Republic had the possibility to attend without any travel difficulties (including financial ones). Ivo Prokop and his secretary Marie Sara responded very well to the challenge. There was an retrospective exhibition of bookplates by Josef Vachal, and the delegates' meeting revised the 1966 statutes of FISAE. The question of pseudo-exlibris was raised again, and there was general agreement that they should be actively discouraged. There was substantial criticism of the poor quality of the FISAE exhibitions of bookplates created in the two years before the congress. This had its impact: such exhibitions have since improved, and are even replaced by first-class 'borrowed' exhibitions (for example, in Frederikshavn, the resulting exhibition of the Marlbork Biennial 2002).

Tadeusz Szumarski and St.Tadeusz…

Official speeches!

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