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Frederikshavn, Denmark,

XXIX. International Ex-libris Congress, Frederikshavn, Denmark,
29th August 1st September, 2002

The comparatively small group of about 170 participants in Frederikshavn was conducive to a pleasant congress, not as hectic as previous ones or as some national meetings. An incredible twelve exhibitions were on show, and the delegates' meeting took a range of decisions, from the adoption of a new list of technical symbols to the launch of the first Computer-generated Ex-libris competition. Argentina (GADEL), Andalusia (Spain) and Taiwan (China) were admitted to FISAE. Thus everyone had time and opportunity to exchange bookplates quietly or to chat with friends – and both aspects are important!

(L to R) Arturo Zaƫra, Luisa Garcia Muro, Derek Black, Marvin Bolotsky, James Keenan, Joke van den Brandt

L to R) Olga Keleinikova, Yuriy Nozdrin, Gordon Smith, Marvin Bolotsky

A calligraphy demonstration

The newly elected President of Fisae, Ottmar Premstaller, gets congratulated, as Heinrich Scheffer (back left) and Werner Pfeiler (back right) look on. Frank-Ivo van Damme (centre) congratulates everyone.

Akiko and Ichigoro Uchida

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