A special cheap option...


To try and ensure that all our friends from countries where economic conditions are less favourable can attend the congress, we have decided the following:

Committee members of FISAE societies from the
new members of the European Union, and those from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China, Turkey and the Balkans, as well as artists from these countries whose financial means are limited, have the possibility of paying 70 per person instead of 170 per person. This special fee has two consequences: firstly, they will not receive the publications and gifts of the congress, although they will have a seat at the closing dinner. The second is that this implies that they choose automatically the option of sleeping in the Civil Protection Facility (3 per night plus 10 for cleaning after the congress). One cannot be dissociated from the other.

cheap option, if I may so call it, thus costs 95 for registration and lodging. This amount must imperatively be paid before June 1rst 2006, as the Civil Protection Facility must be paid in advance. As far as other costs are concerned, participants must pay for the visa and medical insurance, their trip and travel costs, and must count at least 20 - 30 per day for food, etc. Careful! A packet of cigarettes in Switzerland costs about 5 !!!

It is very important that people send their registration forms as from now, with the mention '170' crossed out and a note saying 'cheap option, 95'. This will allow us to know as soon as possible how many people plan to come.

If payment is not received before June 1rst 2006, the registration is cancelled and ALL persons registering after that date will have to pay the full 170, moreover without having assurances of anything except access to the congress hall.

To have a look at images of the Civil protection facility and obtain more information, please click here!