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In nearly all competitions, about 10% of the entries are not accepted either because the size is too large, there is no owner's name inscribed, it is not made with an accepted technique, or only one print has been sent instead of three ... or some other stupid reason relating to the rules not having been read or understood!


If there is something you do not understand, just click here and ASK!!! You are welcome to use English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Serbian or Turkish. If you ask in Russian, Chinese or Arabic, it will take about 15 days before you receive an answer.




The sixth Bodio Lomnago competition 2011/2012 on the superb subject: 'Cinema, the dream machine' has been launched. Deadline for sending work is November 30, 2011. As you already know, the competition is an official event of the AIE. By clicking here, you can see the competition rules. The award ceremony is planned for April 2012, and the organisers have decided to enlarge it into a small meeting of collectors and artists, which will take place from 20th to 22nd April 2012. More information will be available as we get closer to the date...


The Bosco Stregato competition 2011 has been launched already a few weeks ago. By clicking here, you can see the competition rules. The deadline for sending work is 31 October 2011.


The Gdansk Archipelago of Culture is organising its Fifth International Competition, on the general theme of Man - Earth - Universe, more precisely dedicated to the celebrated Gdansk astronomer Johannes Hevelius, on the 400th anniversary of his birth.

Three documents can be consulted in the following links: the competition rules, the participation form, and a message about Hevelius.

Just one reminder. The Gdansk rules do not mention one of the key points in ex-libris competitions, as recommended by FISAE. For an ex-libris to be authentic, it must contain the words 'Ex libris', or their equivalent ('from the library of...') followed by the name of a living person or a real institution. For example: "Ex libris Juliusz Batura", or 'From the library of the Gdansk Community Foundation'. It can carry another inscription with 'Johannes Hevelius, 400 years', or 'In Memoriam Johannes Hevelius' But it must not read 'Ex libris Johannes Hevelius', as this would not be a real ex-libris, as it was not made for his library.


The Sint Niklaas Museum is organising its competition for 2011 on the subject of 'Celebration' or the fête, and participants must send their entries by November 1st 2010. The rules can be found by clicking here, and the participation form can be downloaded here.


YES! close to 300 artists sent about 1400 ex-libris for the Eros and Thanatos competition. The Jury (Dr. Gernot Blum, Michel Froidevaux, Benoît Junod, Vincent Lieber, Ichigoro Uchida) met in Istanbul and the winners are as follows:

Category  Eros & Thanatos

First Prize :

Takeshi Katori  
 (*1949 , Japan), « Ex Libris K. Amada » (Amada Koukay), C8, Ø 100 mm,  2010
 3-4-4 Showacho, Akisima, Tokyo, 196-0015 Japan,

Second Prize:

Katarina Smetanova  
(*1964, Slovakia) « Ex libris Josef Burch» , C3+C5+C7 (2 pl.), 100 x 98 mm, 2010
Devínska Cesta 7, Stupava  90013, Slovakia

Third prize:

Michel Joyard  
(*1948, France) « Averty ex libris », C3+C5 (2 pl.), 145 x 105 mm, 2010
2119 Chemin du Pioulier, F-06140 Vence

Category Eros

Best erotic ex-libris

Bruno Missieri  (*1942, Italy) « Karl Vissers Ex Libris », C3+C5 (2pl.), 130 x 118 mm, 2004
                             Via Taverna 12, 29121 Piacenza, Italy

Best series of erotic ex-libris

Muriel Frega  (*1972, Argentina) Ten ex-libris, 2006-2010, CGD, variable sizes.
                          Felipe Vallese 453, C1405CWC, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Special Prize,  Nippon Exlibris Association

Yukio Maekawa  (*1959, Japan)  « Ex libris Y. Kudo», C7, 110 x 98 mm, 2010
                       3-5 Nagasawa Otokoyama, Yawata-shi, Kyoto-fu, 614-8367 Japan

Special Prize, Deutsche Exlibris Gesellschaft

Anja Elze (*1975, Germany)  ipsis libris, X3/4, 2010
                  Paul Greifzu Str. 19, 09337 Hohenstein-Ernsttal, Germany

Honorable mentions (in alphabetical order)

Yurij Borovitsky (*1955, Russia)

Evgenji Bortnikov (*1952, Russia)

Luigi Casalino (*1941, Italy)

Yukiko Hayashi (*1958, Japan)

Alphonse Inoue (*1927, Japan)

Jerzy Jakubow (*?, Poland)

Orest Kryvoruchko (*1942, Ukraine)

Serik Kulmeshkenov (*1956, Kazakhstan)

Kryztof Marek Bak (*1977, Poland)

Antonin Odehnal (*1930, Czech Republic)

Mikhail Verkholantsev (*1937, Russia)

Gianni Verna (1942, Italy)

Warm congratulations to all winners, who will be contacted individually so the prizes can be remitted to them. The catalogue will be prepared this autumn and printer before the first presentation of the e4xhibition in Nyon, in January 2011.


Don't forget... less than a month to go before the closing date of Eros & Thanatos !


Hasip Pektas and his Istanbul team have just announced the results of the competition in view of the FISAE Congress in August, in which a staggering 1281 artists from 43 countriesparticipated... the results can be seen at Congratulations to all the winners!


The Gdansk Community Foundation together with Gdansk Archipelago of Culture are invite you to 4th Ex Libris and Small Graphic Form Competition. This year's theme is 'Solidarity of Nations'. You can download the participation form here, and the rules here.


It is really very rare that a major actor on the economic scene decides to celebrate its 100th anniversary by launching an international ex-libris competition for a bookplate for its library! But this is what has happened in Milano, Italy, with the Azienda Elettrica Municipale (AEM). You can find by clicking here an information letter about the AEM and how the ex-libris created must be on the theme of energy, the company and industrial progress. The regulations can be found here in five languages (with the jury and prizes...).


Martin Baeyens and Hasip Pektas have just sent the results of the "1st International Ex libris Competition-North Cyprus'2010"... The winners are as follows:

  • Grand Prize (Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell): Lukasz Cywicki (POLAND)
  • Accomplishment Prize (Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell): Molnar Iscsu Istvan (HUNGARY)
  • Accomplishment Prize (Johan Bosschem): Tezcan Bahar (TURKEY)
  • Jury Special Prize: Tarasco Pietro Paolo (ITALY)
  • 12 ex libris works were selected for Honorable Mention; (Mahsen Deghani-IRAN, Omid Motamedi-IRAN, Gabriela Gergic-ARGENTINA, Rafi Münz-ISRAEL, Josef Werner-GERMANY, Dubois Jasmien-BELGIUM, Raes Tuur-BELGIUM, Wubin-CHINA, Hira Nur Yıldız-TURKEY, Nurgül Arıkan-TURKEY, Zarin Anbaran-IRAN, Kürşat Sekmen-North CYPRUS )

See more about the results of the competition by clicking here.


Happy New Year! With my friend Michel Froidevaux, after very long preparations, we have at last launched a major ex-libris competition on the theme of Eros and Thanatos... Lust and Death... Please visit the site indicated below, and I hope that many artists will take par!

Click on the image above to go straight to the site!


Our friends Hasip Pektas and Martin Baeyens have been instrumental in provoking the creation of a new ex-libris competition... The 1st International Ex libris Competition-North CYPRUS 2010. If you click here, you can read the regulations...


The Italian 'Enchanted Forest' competition has just given the regulations for its 2010 version. Please ckick here to read them!


The Catalan Ex-libris Association has launched its Fifth ex-libris biennial, CONTRATALLA. If you consult the rules by clicking here, you will find five language variants! Careful: the closing date for the reception of materials has been prolonged to February 15th 2010!


We just got news of the 5th International Exlibris Contest "Homage to Astor Piazzolla" in Argentina. Click on the following link to see the prize-winners...


An international exhibition is being organised by Dong Xiaozhuang in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, from 14 to 17 October 2009. Artists are invited to participate and send their work, which will be exhibited. Please read the letter of invitation by clicking here.


Hasip Pektas has sent the rules for the Third AED/IED biennale of ex-libris, which coincides with the 33rd FISAE Congress in 2010. The rules can be accessed here.


The Enchanted wood strikes again! I just received a mail from Tommaso Lo Russo with as attachment the rules of the Bosco Stregato competition 2009, which this time is dedicated to the God Tammuz and the myth of the seasons. Please download the rules by clicking here. The delay for sending work is 30 march 2009


In Beijing, we had the pleasure to meet a charming and very active delegation from Taiwan. The information on the member page has been updated as to the members of the board and the contact data.

The TEA has published a brochure No. 3 (look at the cover here!) which contains, inter alia, an informative article by the General Secretary of TEA, Mr Wang-Ju Wu on original ex-libris in Taiwan. It also announces the 15th International Ex-libris competition and exhibition, which will take place within the Taipei Arts Festival in 2009.

A summary of the competition rules, and an application form can be found by clicking here. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact April Chiu, the assistant to Mr Wang-Ju Wu, who will be glad to help!


At the Beijing Congress, Martin Baeyens showed us the catalogue of the 3rd CGD ex-libris competition. A nicely produced volume, it can be ordered from him at


GADEL, in Argentina, is supporting a call for bookplates to be made in view of an exhibition for a non-for-profit organisation called ANIMALIFE (VIDANIMAL). It takes care of abandoned pets, in particular dogs, in Santa Rosa (la Pampa). There is no general SPCA in Argentina, so private foundations such as VIDANIMAL play a real and important role...

Bookplates received will be exhibited and posted on the foundation's web site, and will be used to promote VIDANIMAL's activities. The appeal to artists can be found here in Spanish, and in English, here.


Two e-mails from the Greek artist Yannis Gourzis arrived yesterday, with news of the results of The Second Ex-libris Triennial of Lefkas.

The Jury examined 566 works by 296 artists from 37 countries, and finished by selecting 476 works by 247 artists from 31 countries.

The first prize was attributed to Vladimir Zuev.

The Second prize went to Petalas Miltiadis (see the image here) and the Third to Marina Kornilieva (ROS; look at the image here) Honourable mentions were given to Peter Kirkillo (UK), Petro Malyshko (Ukraine), Vassili Anastasiou (Greece), Eleni Kyriakidou (Greece), Dimitra Gounari (Greece), Gennadi Kungurov (Russia), Roberta Pancera (Italy), Todor Ovcharov (Bulgaria), Kiyora Oike (Japan) and Tijana Kojic (Serbia).

There were rumours, after the First Lefkas Triennial, that the prize-money had not been paid to the artists. I am sure that this rumour is unfounded. However, in case an artist wants to contact the Lefkas organisers, the contact details are as follows:

Persons responsible: Theodora Georgaki, tel +030 26450-22620; Ioanna Filippa, tel. +030 26450-26711, Fax: +030 26450-26715. e-mail And of course, don't forget that both Vasilis Zevgolis ( and Yannis Gourzis ( are both on the organizing committee and also in the Jury of Lefkas. Don't hesitate to contact them if there is any problem of unpaid prizes or catalogues not received!


I am so late transmitting news that I'm cheating putting the date of September 2nd, when it's still really the 1rst... Cristiano Beccaletto sent me a month ago the results of the Remo Palmirani Prize 2008... The winners are ex-aequo:

Luigi Casalino (Italy) Gold Medal and diploma

Hayk Grigorian (Armenia) Gold Medal and diploma


and a Silver Medal and Diploma of merit were attributed to the following artists:

Martin Baeyens (Belgium), Veselin Damyanov (Bulgaria), Iliev Kaloyan (Bulgaria), Rumen Petrov Nistorov (Bulgaria), Adrian Sandu (Romania).


The Prize awarding ceremony will be atthe Museo Ex-libris Mediterraneo, in Ortona, on September 13th. Congratulations to the artists and to the organisers.



The comments which I wrote as to the GADEL competition justifiable brought a reaction from Osvaldo Jalil, and I give it to you below:

Dear friend,

As I told you in my previous e-mail, in relation to not having prizes for the ‘Myths and Legends’ competition in Buenos Aires, it is VERY difficult to find cash prizes to award. Sometimes, we manage to give prizes in artists’ materials, thanks to the generosity of some sponsors (presses, rollers, ink, etc.). Our situation is more than difficult, as neither municipalities, the State, or commercial companies are willing to spend money on artists who do not bring them a direct financial return.

In this so-called third world country, things function differently than in Europe. We do what we can, the best we can, and the way we can. We think it is preferable to do something than nothing due to lack of possibilities. It is now 18 years that we have been working for the promotion of prints and bookplates – I do not know how many societies can maintain such a continuity with only the fees paid by a group of artists. It is interesting to see how few artists were participating in bookplate events before the creation of Xylon and GADEL, and the large number participating today after our promotion of bookplates…

I therefore ask you to change the critical information on the FISAE website. On the other hand, thanks for the promotion of our competition, as we have received many fine works from many countries including Belarus, Poland, Japan, Serbia and many others…

With cordial greetings and a hug from

Osvaldo Jalil

My deepest apologies to Osvaldo Jalil and GADEL. I think that they are doing a wonderful job without which I would never have seen bookplates by the many and talented artists from Argentina. Finally, better a competition where it is clearly announced that there are no financial prizes, rather than a competition which announces prizes and then does not pay them.

I have belatedly modified the text announcing the Myths and Legends competition, and am delighted that many artists have taken part.


The Bosco Stregato competition invites you to come for the distribution of prizes and other festive activities which will take place at Solstizio d'Estate, in Piemonte not far from Torino, on Sunday September 07. There will be an exhibition of the best works submitted, a round table discussion and a talk by Nicola Carlone on collecting bookplates. You can download the invitation here. The prizewinners of the competitions were:

Ex-libris section, 'Sleeping beauty in the wood'

1° Prize Ettore Antonini;

2° Prize Patrick Aubert ,

3° Prize Valerio Mezzetti

4° Prize ex equo Annamaria Fascia

4° Prize ex equo Andreas Raub

Honorary mentions: Francisco Quintanar Martinez,  Marina Kornilieva, Roberta Pancera, Roberto Tonelli, Veronica Longo, Plamenko Cencik, Jaroslav Minar, Pavel Halavaty, Viola Tycz

There were also some ex-libris artists who obtained prizes in other sections of the competition.


A visitor to the FISAE site asked for the results of the Gaudaen competition. They were kindly sent to me by Jack van Peer, and you can see them here!


GADEL, the Argentine ex-libris society, has called (in cooperation with Xylon Argentina) for artists to send ex-libris on the theme of Myths and Legends until the end of August 2008, following which a jury will select works for an exhibition to be held from November 5 to 26 2008 in an art museum of the province of Buenos Aires, Quilmes. There are no prizes for the participants, and the two prints asked for  will not be returned to the artists.

The rules, which can be found here, make no mention of prizes. However, the support of the Municipality of Quilmes is mentioned, and of four other sponsors. This will allow the organisers to send the artists the publication of the event one it has taken place.

This touches upon the general question of prizes in ex-libris competitions. As is well known, some organisers of such events give a wide range of generous prizes and pay the winners within a few weeks of the competition - even if they have sometimes difficulty chasing up sponsors. I know of at least one competition organised on a pretty island of the Mediterranean where none of the promised prizes were paid - and the second such competition is taking place now! The Balkans also have a mixed reputation in this matter... Recently, I found out that certain artists had not received prize money and the organisers were requested by FISAE to pay up - which they did.

I therefore appeal to any artists who have not received prize money or catalogues after a competition to contact us, and we will see what can be done. If, in particular, the competition has been organised by a FISAE member or an incipient FISAE society, there is some chance of success.


By the vagaries of e-mail communication, the results of the competition in the framework of the 32nd FISAE Congress in Beijing have fallen into my hands. You can consult the document by clicking here. From what I understand (the document is somewhat convoluted), the Golden Prize Winner was Julian Jordanov (Bulgaria) the two Silver Prize winners were Martin Baeyens (Belgium) and Wu Bin (China), and the Bronze Prize winners were Jiri Brazda Czech Republic), Takeshi Katori (Japan) and Vladimir Zuev (Russia).


Like in Sint-Niklaas, Ankara and Sofia, the team in Malbork and especially Bogumiła Omieczyńska work hard to organise a biennial competition for ex-libris. In 2009, the 22nd International Biennial of modern Ex-libris of Malbork will take place, and information in six languages can be found by clicking here. You can also download an application form here... and below, you will find an illustration for the poster of the biennial by Mariusz Stawarski. Even if it is still far away, note the limit date for submitting work: January 20th 2009



Every two years, the International Exlibris Centre of the Town of Sint-Niklaas organises an international exlibris competition. The 2009 competition is open to almost all small prints, as well as ex-libris. The rules have been greatly simplified to allow as many artists as possible, from all over the world, to take part. 

Opening the competition to all small graphics is not intended as a disregard for the bookplate. That is why one of the chief Town of Sint-Niklaas awards and a number of other awards remain reserved for the best, most striking exlibris.

The participants can choose between two different topics: THE BOOK and/or SAINT NICHOLAS.

Submissions need to arrive at the following address before the 1st of November 2008:

Internationaal Exlibriscentrum (Stedelijke Musea)
Internationale tweejaarlijkse exlibris- en kleingrafiekwedstrijd Sint-Niklaas 2009
Zwijgershoek 14
B-9100  Sint-Niklaas België.

The rules may be consulted in Flemish, French, German and English by clicking on this link. Also, you can download the registration form.




The Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture is organising an international ex-libris competition on this Polish town's motif: the Gdansk Lions on its coat-of-arms. The organisers can be contacted at the following address and site:

Gdański Archipelag KulturyWyspa Skarbów
Turystyczna 3,
80 – 680
Gdańsk Sobieszewo
tel./fax (0 58) 323 91 15

The rules of the competition in English can be found here, with the image of the Gdansk lions...


Occasionally, there will be information here on competitions which are not for ex-libris but free graphics - when they might be of interest to our artists!

Isik University and Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts (IMOGA) have organized an international contest that welcomes all artists around the world with the aims of bringing original work of printmaking together, forming an international knowledge of art, encouraging artists, arousing an interest of printmaking, and also helping the printmaking to become widespread. Participants can enter the 1st International Print Biennial-Istanbul 2008 with at most three works that have been created between 2004-2008. The deadline for submission is 20 June 2008.
First Prize; 7.500 USD, Second Prize; 5.000 USD, Third Prize; 3.000 USD, Special Prize (Aksanat); 7.500 USD, Special Prize (Feyziye Schools Foundation); 2.000 USD, Special Prize (The Coca-Cola Company); 2.000 USD, Special Prize (Garanti Koza Construction); 2.000 USD, Special Prize (Turkish Cultural Foundation); 2.000 USD, Three Honorable Mentions: 1.000 USD. Rules can be consulted here.



The Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture is organising an international exlibris competition devoted to the lion,Gdańsk’s (Polish city) coat of arms. We intend to invite international exlibris authors to this contest. We have English, Russian and Ukrainian version of these texts and the copy of the picture of The Great Coat of Arms of the City of Gdańsk. All these is attachted do this e-mail. Could you, please, spread the enclosed information among the authors of exlibrises? All the best in 2008 year!

Best regards,

Anna Urbańczyk


Treasure Island

Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture                                         

Gdański Archipelag KulturyWyspa Skarbów
Turystyczna 3,
80 – 680
Gdańsk Sobieszewo
tel./fax (0 58) 323 91 15




The Catalan association has just sent me the rules for the Contratalla Graphic Arts Biennial. There is a Special Prize for ex-libris. The documentation is in Spanish and English and can be consulted here. Limit date March 10 2008


The Ljuben Karavelov Regional Library from Rousse, Bulgaria, (which was established in 1888 as one of the first public libraries in the country) is organising for 2008 its fourth international bookplate competition. The rules can be consulted here. Limit date 22 April 2008



The municipality of Bodio in the Province of Varese (Italy) is organising the fourth competition of the "Library of Bodio Lomnago". This time, the theme is 'The Bicycle'. You can access here the rules of the competition in Italian, in English and in German. Careful: limit date 30 April 2008


Dear artist... Do you make woodcuts, wood engravings or linoleum prints? Are you normally a maker of intaglio prints and think you could launch into a relief technique? If so, take the plunge! There is a new award which has been launched by Graphia, the new Gerard Gaudaen Prize.

Gaudaen (1927-2003) was one of the virtuoso engravers of his generation, a maker of many subtle and memorable images - often on simple and homely themes, with objects relating to nature. He was also Director of the National Higher Institute and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and founder of the Sint-Niklaas museum. The single prize of €2'500 is gifted by mevrouw Josée Gaudaen-Dieltjens, the widow of the artist. The regulations can be found here in Flemish, German, French and English.

Please mind the warning: entries which do not conform to the regulations will not be submitted to the jury!


The Italian ex-libris and short story competition 'Il bosco stregato' (the enchanted wood) is at it's fourth version and has always had a good response from artists - the theme is a delight. If you click here, you will find the regulations for the competition. And visit the web site,


The results of the Remo Palmirani competitions can be seen on and the rules for the new competition can be seen here!


F.I.S.A.E. Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Amateurs d'Ex-libris Competition Rules:
3rd International CGD (Computer Generated Design) Ex-libris Competition 2008
Material for the competition must be sent to the following address:
MARTIN R. BAEYENS, 3rd CGD Ex-libris Competition, Schildekensstraat 55, B-9340 Smetlede, BELGIUM
Many artists have participated in the 1st and 2nd competitions. The winners of the formers competition (2004 & 2006) can been seen on
The computer, as an artist's creative tool, is steadily gaining ground. Images made using this technique however is sometimes considered of a lesser artistic and printing quality than that of traditionally-made graphic art prints, particularly in the small-format applied arts field of ex-libris. This competition is organised to give artists the possibility to show that digital technology can be used as brilliantly as the burin or engraving needle to produce 'art jewels on paper'. It will also enable them to demonstrate how classical techniques can be brought in to support digital technology.


Our friends from Malbork in Poland have sent us information as to the 21st International Biennial exhibition of modern ex-libris which will open in June 2007. All about the regulations, deadline and prizes can be consulted here. You can also download the application form as a .pdf file by clicking here! All other info, ask Bogumiła Omieczyńska, at .


The BALKANKULT Foundation (Belgrade), the EricArts Institute (Germany), the Ankara Ex-libris Society, The Belgrade Ex-libris Circle and the Bread Museum of Ulm (Germany) have pooled their resources to organise the Second Balkan International Ex-libris Competition TRIBEL, on the theme of 'Bread - a cultural heritage'. The regulations can be found at . The limit for sending works is December 15th 2006.


Dear artists, don't forget that the 2nd International Biennale of Ex-libris of Ankara has been announced by the Ankara bookplate association. The theme is free, but the works submitted must have been made in 2004-2007. The rules can be found here in English, here in French, here in German and here in Russian... and if you want to read them in Turkish, please visit ! The limit for sending work is January 30, 2007. There are 11 special awards, and prizes amount to 15'000 US$...


The rules for the 23rd Biennial of Sint Niklaas on the theme 'The beauty and forces of nature' are available on line at, as well as an explanatory letter, registration form and technical symbols list. Limit for sending work: November 1st, 2006.


We hope Nicola Carlone will forgive the delay in posting here the results of the international ex-libris competition he organised for the IX winter paralympic games in Torino, Italy (March 10-19, 2006). Some 170 artists sent a total of 250 ex-libris for the competition. The awards ceremony took place in the Aula Magna of University of Torino, in the presence of the city authorities, the Rector, the Governor of the Lions Club international of District 108 Ia1, Officers of Lions Clubs, the President of AIE, artists and collectors on March 8th 2006. The same day, the exhibition resulting from the competition was opened at the Old Library of the University of Torino. The competition winners were: 1st prize Vincenzo Gatti, 2nd prize Peter Velikov, 3rd prize Juri Jakovenko, Prize for xylography: Virginius A. Burba, CGD and young artist's prize: Azatuhi Mnatsakanyan. The catalogue can be obtained from Nicola Carlone, whose e-mail is


Oh dear! Your webmaster has been so busy preparing the Nyon Congress that a lot of news has been put aside for later publication...Including the regulations for the second triennial of the Balkans, TRIBEL, which can be consulted here.


Those of you who read the text last month about the Ex Libris Mediterraneo museum will remember that this institution announced it would create two Remo Palmirani Prizes - one for an artist and one for a scholar, alternating each year. Click here and find out more, and the regulations for the 2006 artist's prize...


Where can I find something which was posted and has been removed?
Competition results, in memoriam notices and all other material except what refers to ephemeral events such as meetings and exhibitions are posted to the 'Archive' section of this site. Consult it!