Nyon, Salle de la Grenette,  22-28 August 2006


 2nd International FISAE competition for computer-generated bookplates


The aim of the competiton is to stimulate artists to use a relatively new tool, the computer, to create ex-libris which are not simply 'scan-and-print' images of a drawing by an artist (or worse, a hodge-podge of pirated images!), but works in which the specific qualities of the digital tool are used with virtuosity.


Organised by Tony Oost, Director of the Sint-Niklaas Museum in Belgium, the contest was under the aegis of  Prof. Martin R. Baeyens, Director of the Design Departement of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Ghent.


The works which will be exhibited can be seen by clicking Here!


BUT... Some people do not like computer-generated ex-libris! They only like traditional graphic techniques and have no interest for other techniques. That is why the congress organisers decided to put on the same walls a second exhibition:


Traditional FISAE exhibition of the best ex-libris created between 2004 and 2006


Close to 300 artists sumitted work for this show, and still it is not fully representative of the bookplate scene today! It does, however, contain a wide range of excellent material, and if space had allowed more items could have been shown. Only two computer-generated bookplates were included, by Martin Baeyens and by Hasip Pektas, as both were in the jury of the CGD competition and could not take part!


The catalogue of both shows will be available and given to Congress participants with a trick to it: the book will be double-sided, with one catalogue starting from each side!


We hope that visitors will leave the show with a reinforced conviction that they love ex-libris - both CGD and traditional!