Dear friends,

    The Romans used to say, "de gustibus non disputandum est".

    Interpreted loosely, this means that everyone has the right to his own opinion in matters of taste. What to one person is a superb ex-libris, to another is a piece of junk. Some persons like work by one artist - others prefer work by another. Again, some people like one graphic technique and others prefer a different one. The fun with bookplates is that the choices are endless!

     Basically, what is appealing to one person is appalling for another!

     To try and build up an image of what collectors prefer and where their interests lie, though respecting individual tastes, we have decided to invite every month one collector to present an ex-libris which, for him, has great importance, and to explain why it is an element which he admires - in his collection, or discovered elsewhere. It can be an old ex-libris or a contemporary one, by a famous artist or by an unknown one. It must be meaningful for him, that's all.

     The presentation is accompanied by an image of the ex-libris. At the end of the text is a contact button: any visitor can send a comment or reaction, as long as he gives his name, address and e-mail.

                                                                                                                                       JANUARY  2009...

Klaus Rödel presents his ex-libris by Renata Franke on the theme of Dostoievski...

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