Are you planning to come to Geneva by airplane?

If you don't care for the cost of the ticket and only travel business class, don't bother to read what follows.

Yes, cheap flights ARE available!

Not from sleazy charter companies, but from well-established international carriers.

But there is one problem: you have to buy your ticket well in advance. But you can pay a little extra for insurance to cover last minute changes or cancellation.

Which companies can we recommend?

Based in Geneva, which is a plus. Links up with many European destinations, such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Berlin, etc. Click on the link to see where we fly from.

If you live, for example, in Budapest, and you buy your ticket NOW, you can get

Budapest-Geneva on Wed. 23 August (you miss the Geneva excursion) and return Sunday 27 August for a total of  10'200 Forint, which is 40.80

If you live, for example, in Berlin, and you buy your ticket NOW, you can get

Berlin-Geneva on Tuesday 22 August, return 27 August for 36.48


AND if Easyjet doesn't fly to your closest town, try combining Easyjet from one of the hub British airports of London: Gatwick, Luton or Sanstead... and one of the airlines mentioned below to London...

Like Easyjet, but Brussels based. See this link to see where they fly:

From Athens, departure 22/23 August, return 27 August, price 254

Virgin-express doesn't go where you want? Try SN Brussels airline, at

Ryanair is also one of the well-known low-fare carriers... check out their destinations at

combine with Easyjet: Bratislava-Stanstead, Stanstead-Geneva, and return (22-27. Aug) 122 or from Stockholm, 185

Also try the regular airlines, in particular Alitalia which has good offers if one books early ( 239 round trip to Geneva from Sr Petersburg...

Or 183 round trip from Amsterdam 22/27.08.06)... by KLM, but it's 35 for the same trip by Easyjet, if you book NOW!!!

Anyway, if you want to find out which the cheapest flights are, try , (French, German), (German) or if you speak French,

Need help? let us know...