Bookplate collecting
and FISAE congresses

Collecting ex-libris became fashionable in the 1880s and in the 1890s ex-libris societies appeared all over Europe and spread worldwide.

Congresses were held for contacts and exchanges, first at a national and later at a European level. In 1966, the International Federation of Bookplate Societies (FISAE) was founded. It holds international congresses every two years.




  History of ex-libris collecting and of FISAE
   How did ex-libris collecting begin, how were the first international congresses (1953-1965), how and by whom was FISAE founded?

FISAE, Congress by Congress
   Here you can find  descriptions and images of each congress from Kufstein 1953 to Wels 2004, with a text by Klaus Roedel of his personal impression of the last twelve congresses!

 • Statutes (Hamburg 1966) and amendments
   How does FISAE function, what are its structure and organs?



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