Ø Castle of Nyon, Main reception room, 2nd floor   (23 August to 10 September 2006)



(under reconstruction!)


Masters of colour and tone in contemporary Japanese bookplates


Works of : Katsunori Hamanishi, Yoshiaki Hara, Katsue Inoue, Yoshio Kanamori, Setsuko Katano, Hideko and Kunimitsu Matsubara, Osamu Saito, Takao Sano, Hiroshi Taru, Shigeki Tomura, Kieko Tsurusawa, Isao Ueda, Noboru Yamataka, Motoi Yanagida, Masaki Yoshida, Masayuki Yoshimoto.


Japan is today one of the countries with the liveliest creativity in the field of ex-libris; the Nippon Ex-libris Association numbers close to one thousand members.


The choice of artists and prints, made through a rigorous selection of a great number of artists, was effected by Benoît Junod with the precious help of the Japanese collector and connoisseur Ichigoro Uchida. Although traditionally multiple-plate colour woodcut is the preferred vehicle of expression of printmakers from Japan - with up to 60 plates to realise one image - the show also includes techniques such as mezzotint and etching, screenprinting, wood engraving, and the mysterious stencil technique of Katazome developed by artists from that country.


Thus about 125 works by some twenty artists will give a refined view of contemporary trends, with an accent on the subtle chromatic quality of compositions which is typical of Japanese artistic sensitivity.


Works of all the artists exhibited can be seen in the 'illustrations' section of this site... click here.