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Nyon is a small market town at the western tip of Switzerland.. the Suisse Romande… on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is a French-speaking area, but most people understand English and some German. It is a wine-producing area famous for its chardonnay and chasselas grapes – and Nyon was for a long time one of the best known porcelain manufactures in Europe. The French border is only a few kilometers away, and the French town of Divonne has one of the biggest casinos in France (and most of its customers are Swiss, as our gambling laws are very restrictive!)

Currency: The Franc (about 1.55 CHF to 1 Euro, 1.25 CHF to 1 USD). Our French neighbours no longer have a Franc as they now have Euros, so we don’t even have to specify ‘Swiss’ francs…

The closest major city is GENEVA, which was an independent Republic until it joined Switzerland in 1815. Its history was marked by Calvin and protestantism, and today it is an international capital due to the presence of the European seat of the United Nations and of many important organisations such as the
International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Trade organisation or the World Economic Forum. It has a population of close to 400’000, of which over 30% are foreigners. Further along the lake is the smaller but culturally very active town of LAUSANNE, which is about 30 minutes from Nyon.

Find out more about Nyon… The site is in English, French and German.

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