of the Plenary Meeting of Delegates

XXXI Ex-Libris Congress

Ferme du Manoir, Nyon, Switzerland

25 August 2006



            The President of FISAE, Mr Josef Burch, called the meeting to order at 09:45 hours in the Ferme du Manoir, Nyon, Switzerland. At his request, Professor Butler presided. Apologies for absence were received from Australia and Slovenia.


            Delegations in attendance. Austria (H. Scheffer, P. Rath); Belgium (J. van Peer, A. Vertongen); Bulgaria (O. Karanfilian); China (Zhang Jin-ru, Shao Li-yang); Czech Republic (M. Humplik, M. Manojlin); Denmark (H. Larsen, K. Roedel); Estonia (O. Ylonen); Finland Aboensis (T. Piiroinen, A. Piiroinen); Finland Suomen (O. Ylonen); France (J. F. Chassaing, D. Kowalik); Germany DEG (Dr. G. Blum, C. Wittal); Germany Pirckheimer (M. Neureiter); Hungary (L. Palasthy, J. Vermes); Italy (M. Mainardi, N. Carlone); Japan (I. Uchida, Dr H. Haneda); Luxemburg (H. Decker); Mexico (S. Hernandez, S. Lopez); Netherlands (J. van Waterschoot, P. Burggraaf); Portugal (A. Mota Miranda); Romania (O. Petca); Russia (V. Khudolei, V. Loburev); Serbia (C. Ocic, R. Ciric); Slovakia (M. Potrok); Slovenia (B. Junod); Spain Andalucia (J. M. Valderrama Esparza, A. Ejarque Suñer); Spain Cataluña (M. Casas Hierro); Sweden (L. Stolt, P.-A. Wiktorsson); Switzerland (M. Kalt, S. Hausherr); Taiwan (Y. S. Pan); Turkey (H. Pektas, O. Pektas Turgut); United Kingdom (A. Pincott); United States (J. Keenan, E. Provencal).

            Also in attendance: Josef Burch (President of FISAE); W. E. Butler (Executive Secretary of FISAE); Ottmar Premstaller (First Vice President of FISAE); Klaus Roedel (Second Vice President of FISAE); Benoît Junod (President of the organising Committee).


1. Report on XXXI (2006) Congress. Mr. Junod reported briefly that 308 persons had registered from 33 countries (including those who came for only one or two days) and that the Congress had proceeded very satisfactorily. The event had enjoyed welcome support from the City of Nyon and other organisations and sponsors had generously helped with publications.


            2. Report on Congress Bookplate Exhibitions. Eight major bookplate exhibitions were shown as part of the Congress. The traditional exhibition of bookplates designed since the preceding Congress had been juried for quality and mounted at the Castle in Nyon, in parallel with the best ex-libris produced for the 2nd FISAE CGD ex-libris competition. There was a truly spectacular exhibition, The Origins and early days of Printed Ex-libris, arranged at the Bodmer Foundation, Geneva. There was a comprehensive personal exhibition of the Russo/Swiss artist, Gregor Rabinovitch, an exhibition of Masters of tone and colour in Japanese ex-libris, and an exhibition of Work in Dialogue (Zuev, Bortnikov, Costantini, and Brett). At Prangins, the Swiss National Museum, there was an exhibition on The ex-libris, a mirror of its times, emphasizing fine Swiss bookplates of the 1700-1920 period. The Humus Gallery showed Women artists, Eros  and ex-libris in Lausanne.


            3. XXXII Congress (2008). The representatives of China confirmed their invitation to hold the next Congress in Beijing, People’s Republic of China from 16-20 September 2008 (date subject to confirmation).

            The President of FISAE for the period 2006-2008 is Professor Liang Dong. Benoit Junod was elected the First Vice President of FISAE and Heinrich Scheffer was elected the Second Vice President.


            4. XXXIII Congress of FISAE (2010). Turkey confirmed its offer to hold the Congress in 2010 at Ankara from 19-23 August. France withdrew its invitation for the 2010 Congress. The invitation of Turkey was accepted by acclamation.


            5. Second Computer-Assisted Design Competition. Claudia Karolyi reported that more than 1100 bookplates were submitted by over 300 artists, mostly young designers. She announced the major prize winners. Given the success of the competition and the importance of the medium, FISAE voted unanimously to offer official endorsement of a third competition to be held in 2007 for report at the 2008 Congress and under the chairmanship of Professor Martin Baeyens, provided that as before there are no financial obligations for FISAE itself.


            6. United Nations Library Bookplate Competition. Benoit Junod proposed that a bookplate design competition be arranged under the aegis of FISAE to prepare a bookplate for the United Nations Library in Geneva, formerly the League of Nations Library. This proposal was accepted unanimously, and Benoit Junod agreed to organize the competition.


            7. FISAE Web-Site. The Executive Secretary reported that the official FISAE web-site could no longer be maintained because the publishing organization to which it was linked was being suspended and its future was uncertain. Benoit Junod agreed that the  www.fisae.org  website might now become the official FISAE web-site and would be altered accordingly.


            8. Model Bookplate Cataloguing Entries and Workshop. Tony Oost was unable to attend, but his successor, Ward Bohe reported that he would pursue the project and report to the next Congress. The Executive Secretary noted there was interest in an informal workshop being arranged somewhere in Europe under FISAE auspices in Spring 2007 to exchange experiences in the creation of data bases for bookplate bibliography, bookplate union and other catalogues, and bookplate images. The delegates approved this project, provided there were no financial implications for FISAE.


            9. Research on Public Bookplate Collections. Edith Rights reported that she has been working for some years on updating the inventory of public bookplate collections in the United States and Canada, and would with FISAE encouragement accelerate that project and also send for the official FISAE website a model entry which she had developed. Anthony Pincott reported on similar developments in the United Kingdom.


            10. Status and Prospects for Bookplate Collecting. A lively and useful discussion was held under the title “How to arouse interest in ex-libris” continuing an idea initiated at the 2002 Congress and acted upon at the 2004 Congress. The discussion concentrated especially upon what criteria, if any, should apply to the reproduction in Society publications of erotic bookplates, as well as other ideas about promoting interest in bookplate collecting.


            11. FISAE Certificates and Medals. The Executive Secretary reported FISAE Certificates of Honour had been recommended for four individuals: the Franks Certificate to Lars Stolt (Sweden); the Mantero Certificate to Josef Burch (Switzerland); and the Brunovsky Certificate to K. Andrusko (Yugoslavia) and Father Oriol Divi (Spain). The Certificates had been designed and printed letterpress by Sebastian Carter of The Rampant Lions Press and the calligraphy by Joke van der Brandt. The full list of all participants is maintained on the FISAE web-site.


            The Delegates expressed their appreciation to Josef Burch and Benoit Junod for organizing such an outstanding Congress.


            On behalf of the German Society, Dr. Gernot Blum presented the Walter von ZurWesten Medal to the Swiss Exlibris Society.


            On behalf of the Swedish Society, Lars Stolt presented a gold medal to Josef Burch, Professor William E. Butler, and Benoit Junod.


            The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 hours.



Josef Burch

President of FISAE


William E. Butler

Executive Secretary, FISAE