Despite the fact that the cost of living is substantially higher in Switzerland than in most of the rest of Europe, the organisers of the Congress have decided to keep the same fee as for the XXX Congress.

The Registration Fee is €170.
and for accompanying persons, €150

Find out about the special option for persons from the new EU countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China and the Balkans - click here!

Excursions cost €50 per person.

Register NOW! Pay before June 1st 2006 - if you don't, your registration is cancelled and post-June 1st registrations are at full tariff and without guarantee of receiving the Congress publications and gifts, or having space at the closing dinner.

Please pay by bank transfer to:
UBS, 1 Place St.-François, 1000-Lausanne, Switzerland        Account Pro Ex-libris, No. 243-348880.M1L
IBAN: CH3900243243348880M1L

or pay by international postal order to our Post office account,
Pro Ex-Libris, CCP 17-545828-9
Electronic IBAN: CH4409000000175458289
Clearing No. 09000

Please avoid cheques which entail high bank charges.

Oh dear. Until when can I pay? Check by clicking here

Congress programme registration form

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