Wednesday, 23 August 2006

From 08.00 to 18.00 registration, Salle Communale

9.00-21.00, exchanges, Salle Communale


11.00 Departure by bus from the Salle Communale

          11.30 - 12.15 Bus tour of Geneva (International
          organisations, old town)

          12.30 Lunch, University cafeteria

          14.30 – 16.30 Walk around the Old Town and visit to
          the Art and History museum 

          16.45 Departure to the Bodmer Foundation, Cologny

          17.00-18.30 visit to the Bodmer Foundation and to the 
          ex-libris exhibition. Refreshments offered by the

          19.00 departure by the STAR OF GENEVA from the
          Jardins Anglais.

          20.30 arrival in Nyon

Evening?  Free!

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Day 1


During most of the day there was someone at the Salle Communale (Municipal Hall, main venue of the Congress) registering participants and distributing badges and Congress materials, as well as a person from the Tourist Office to answer questions as to accommodation, restaurants, etc.

The tour of Geneva’s international organisations was followed by lunch at the University Restaurant.

 As the weather was good, a tour on foot of the Old Town was made, with visits to the Cathedral, the arsenal, the Town Hall and the Bourg-de-Four (from ‘Burgundum Forum’, the market place of the Burgundians), the heart of Geneva’s old city.

The exhibition on the Origins and early days of printed ex-libris was viewed at the prestigious Bodmer Foundation, and was a unique presentation of mediaeval manuscripts, gold-stamped bindings, and printed bookplates dating from before 1620.

The boat trip back to Nyon allowed participants to enjoy the view of the shores of Lake Léman, and the Mont Blanc looming white at dusk.

All venues of events in Nyon could be found on this map!

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