Thursday, 24 August 2006


08.30 to 11.00, registration, Salle Communale

09.00 to 21.00, exchanges, Salle Communale

11.30 Opening ceremony, Nyon Castle

Speeches by the Nyon authorities, the President of FISAE and the President of the Congress Committee, followed by a reception offered by the Municipality

13.00 to 16.00 Visit of ex-libris exhibitions in Nyon (Castle, library, Salle Communale, Salle de la Bretèche) Departure on foot from the Castle

16.00 to 17.00, registration, Salle Communale

17.30 Ferme du Manoir. Talk by Jean-François Chassaing, President of AFCEL, on "Ex-libris: a French point of view".

18.30 Ferme du Manoir. Talk by Anthony Pincott on “Creating an ex-libris database: the example of the Franks Collection at the British Museum”.

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Day 2



The five exhibitions held in Nyon were inaugurated after the reception at the Castle of Nyon offered by the Municipal authorities. Mme Monique Boss, Municipal Councillor for Culture gave a speech.

In the Salle Communale, there were several micro exhibitions, of which the best bookplates submitted for the competition related to the IX Winter Paralympic games, and a group of attractive ex-libris created by students of the Fine Arts School of Geneva, which were judged by Congress participants: the winner was Damien Navarro.

There are many different approaches to ex-libris and collecting. Mr Chassaing gave a very specific and clear conceptual viewpoint, indicationg that 80% of ex-libris created in France are made to be pasted in books. The talk, with images, is available on this site.

Many collectors today would like to have their ex-libris collection catalogued on their computer,and be able to consult databases of major public collections to identify what they have. But there are many ways of describing bookplates, many softwares, and many pitfalls... This talk also is online here.

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