Friday, 25 August 2006

09.00 to 21.00, exchanges, Salle Communale

09.00, Ferme du Manoir FISAE delegates’ meeting

13.00 Ferme du Manoir  Demonstration of the latest digital printing technology by Hewlett Packard, and  “New ways in the world of ex-libris”, a conference by Martin Baeyens.

16.00 Departure from the Salle Communale by bus to Prangins, the Swiss National Museum.

16.30 Visit to the museum with its summer complement of Swiss ex-libris from 1700-1920, “The bookplate, a mirror of the times”.

17.30 refreshments offered by the National Museum

18.30 Return to Nyon

as from 19.30,  Congress dinner at the 'cantine' tent next to the lake
- music - distribution of FISAE diplomas - tombola - etc.

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Day 3



The delegates' meeting was interesting and productive, with Beijing confirmed as a venue for the next congress and Ankara approved for 2010.

The full minutes are available online here

Many collectors criticise CGD bookplates for their poor quality of print and paper. Can this be corrected? How can one use a computer to create an ex-libris? Are such bookplates as desirable to collect as those made by traditional techniques? These subjects still need to be discussed. There was a full presentation of the newest printing technology by Hewlett Packard specialists.

The Swiss national museum  conceived its bookplate exhibition in such a way that the theme – and the ex-libris themselves – were integrated into the entire museum exhibition. This has never been done before and was very successful.

The food was not TOO bad... The music and acoustics were not very successful, but the wine was excellent and 2005 is a magnificent vintage! The specially made Congress label designed by Yuri Nozdrin was much appreciated. Some perdons would have liked a little more formality, but a tent is a tent! We had the honour of having two of our Japanese sponsors participating, Miss Shishido and Mr Saito, who came specially from Japan.

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