Saturday, 26 August 2006


09.00 to 21.00, exchanges, Salle Communale

09.00 Ferme du Manoir  Panel discussion on “How to arouse interest in ex-libris?

          OPTIONAL EXCURSION to LAUSANNE (price €50):

          12.00 Departure by bus from the Salle Communale

          12.45 Lunch at the Hotel de la Navigation, Ouchy, Lausanne

          14.30 -16.45 visit to the exhibition of ex-eroticis and/or visit
          to the cathedral           

          17.00 departure by bus from Galerie Humus

          17.45 arrival in Nyon

18.30 Ferme du Manoir  'Eros and Thanatos: ex-libris images as cultural wallpaper', a talk and Powerpoint presentation in a mixture of English, Spanish and French by Mauricio Cruz, artist and writer.

20.00 Salle Communale, farewell drink...

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Day 4


 How can one attract new interest for ex-libris and new members for our societies? A good chance to get an overview of ex-libris publications and for those responsible to make contacts and plan concerted efforts... It has been suggested that one subject for discussion is the question of erotic ex-libris in societies' publications. A report on this event is available on this site.

Lunch was agreable and delicious, even if delayed by the World Triathlon Championships being held in Lausanne

The Humus Gallery's exhibition was more than well-visited as many persons wanted moreover to escape from the rain... even if a few brave adventurers managed a quick visit to the Cathedral of Lausanne, a Gothic masterpiece which was restored by Viollet-le-Duc a century ago. Its stained glass rose would have been even more impressive with sunshine to light it.

The Colombian artist and author Mauricio Cruz took part in a bookplate competition in Bogotá in 1988, and was awarded the first prize. His interest in ex-libris did not fade and he shared a few ideas with us as to their creation and place in art... without even showing images, as we had a technical hitch.

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